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Aluminium T-slot roll-in nut

    Aluminium T-slot roll-in nut

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    T-slot roll-in nuts are an essential component for building aluminium profile structures and without T-slot roll-in nuts these machine building systems would not be the success they are now. T-slot roll-in nuts are used for the majority of connection methods. Unlike the more common squared shaped t-slot nuts used for milling machine tables and other tooling applications,T-slot roll-in nuts have a semi-elliptical shape designed specifically for inserting with a reasonable fit into the t-slot grooves of the aluminium profile without having to slide them in from either side of the profile.

    How to select your T-slot roll-in nuts?

    P5 groove: for 20x20mm aluminium T-slot profile
    P6 groove: for 30x30mm aluminium T-slot profile
    P8 groove: for 40x40mm aluminium T-slot profile